La ciudad europea de moda - Tirana (Albania)

La ciudad europea de moda - Tirana (Albania)

Tirana es de lejos la ciudad más grande de Albania y es el centro de su administración cultural, económica industrial. Hoy en día, es una ciudad interesante y encantador, con una animada vida nocturna; es donde la vieja y nueva Albania se encuentran. Hay una mezquita otomana impresionante y su minarete se eleva por la Plaza de Skanderbeg, la plaza principal de Tirana.

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About the city

Tirana is by far the largest city of Albania and its administrative, cultural, economic, and industrial centre. Today, it is an interesting and charming city, with a lively night life. Tirana is where the old and new Albania meet. There is an impressive Ottoman Mosque and its towering minaret by the Skanderbeg Square, Tirana‘s main square. Construction of the Ethem Bey Mosque started in 1798 and was finished in 1821. Closed under communist rule, the mosque reopened as a house of worship in 1991. Take a look at the frescoes outside and in the portico which depict trees, waterfalls, Ottoman houses and bridges, motifs rarely seen in Islamic art. Tirana’s city centre is a delightful area of wide tree lined boulevards and grand squares, populated with unforgettable, and sometimes extremely colourful, brutalist architecture. It also has some great examples of heroic and socialist realism, like the huge mural on the front of the National History Museum. Tirana is a fascinating city, and capital of a fascinating country. It's very relaxing, with friendly, hospitable people, some great restaurants, and a vibrant night life. You can pretty much see everything the city has to offer in a day or two, but it's a great place to base yourself for exploring nearby places, like Durres and Kruja.

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3 Activities

Tirana by night

day 0 - General
You’ll start your Tirana tour at Skanderbeg Square, the city’s social and cultural centre, and a favourite place for people-watching and snapping photos of this city. From there, we’ll head to a little place that’s part café, part museum. You’ll discover a collection of souvenirs, knickknacks, and household items reflecting 1970s and 1980s Albania, and the communist regime. Old televisions, radios, armchairs, childhood items — it’s all gathered in this eclectic spot, and you’ll get to see an Albania that most visitors miss.

But of course, this is also a drinks tour, so while we’re here, we’ll enjoy a beverage! Different liquors are offered, but we recommend starting with an Albanian tradition, raki. Next up, we’ll tour around some of the city’s major sites, including a truly bizarre piece of Albanian history: the Pyramid of Tirana. This museum was built in honour of the Stalin-influenced dictator Enver Hoxha, but today is a run-down remnant of communism and a canvas for graffiti. Along your walk, you’ll also see the prime minister’s building, the Presidential Palace, and another treasure from Albania’s communist days, the Bunker.

Your Tirana tour will then take you to the Blloku district, considered to be the city’s hippest neighbourhood. We’ll hit up a club that plays a mix of throwback 90s music and is a great spot for good, cheap cocktails. We’ll chat with the bartenders and get a quick mixology lesson to learn how they make their drinks. After that, we’ll get a tour past the other hot spots and see what nightlife is like in this vibrant district with a stern past.

While today Blloku is a popular hangout for locals, 25 years ago it was a closed-off compound reserved for the communist leaders of Albania. You’ll hear the story of how it transformed from a dictator’s home to a thriving neighbourhood for the people. After we’ve explored the Blloku area, your Tirana tour will take you back to the city centre, where we’ll end the evening and you’ll be free to continue your night out in Tirana on your own. \n

Meeting/pick-up point: Centre of Tirana, Sheshi Skenderbej.
Start/opening time: 9am.
End/closing time: 1pm.
Languages: English.
Others: Exclusions: Drinks and entrance fees, souvenirs and items of a personal nature, tips and gratuities for the guide. Travellers under 18 years of age are not permitted to join this tour. Opening days/period: Thu, Fri, Sat. \n

Colorful Tirana and wine tasting

day 1 - En inglés
After meeting with your guide your Day starts with the exploration of Tirana by foot.Tirana is the capital of the Republic of Albania, with a population of just over 700.000, lies at the foot of Dajti Mountain (1612 m) at the 110 m above the sea level. The region of Tirana has been inhabited since the Neolithic period.

Tirana was founded in 1614 when, under the care of Sulejman Pasha Mulleti, the first settlement was built. It consisted of a mosque, bath-house (Hamam), a bakery and some shops. Today Tirana is the main administrative, economical, art and culture centre. The visit of Tirana starts with the Scanderbeg Square, a monument dedicated to the National Hero of Albania. From the center you will be able to see the main boulevard, main administrative buildings, National Bank of Albania and the Et'hem Bey mosque.

You will continue beside Lana river for looking at the painted socialist buildings towards the old bridge and parliament building of Tirana. After the visit of Tirana city center your next destination will be winery Bardha. Bardha winery, belongs to one of the most well-known Albanian business man Mr.Ekrem Bardha, whom excape from the Albanian dicature passing the border and imigrated to USA. Beside the beauties you will listen to the family sacrificea, also non giving up spirit and build the futur by hard work in USA..

The wine of Albania is characterized by its unique sweetness and indigenous varieties. Albania produced an estimated 17,500 tones of wine in 2009. The geographic elevation of Albania makes it a perfect setting for wine production. During the communism era, the production area expanded to some 20,000 hectares (49,000 acres). The Albanian wine industry is striving to re-establish an international presence in line with its long reputation as a quality wine producer. Among other types of wines, what you will taste is some of the indigenous grapes of Albania such as:

White: Shesh i bardhe, Debin e bardhe,
Red: Shesh i zi, Cabernet Cuvee, Merlot Shesh i bardhe and Shesh i zi are the two most important vines, accounting for about 35 per cent of the crop, and take their name from the hill village of Shesh 15 km from the capital Tirana. At low yields the former has an attractive floral aroma while the latter is capable of producing wines worthy of ageing.

After wine tasting you will be transferred back to Tirana for the end of your jorney. \n

Meeting/pick-up point: Hotel Rogner, Tirana.
Duration: 330 minutes.
Start/opening time: 8am.
End/closing time: 1.45pm.
Languages: German, English, French, Italian.
Others: Ending point:Bulevardi Dëshmorët e Kombit, Tiranë. \n

Hiking in Central Albania

day 2 - En inglés
Your day starts with the transfer from Tirana to Dajti National Park through the longest cable way in Balkan in its category with 2 stations. Mount Dajt is a mountain in central Albania, to the east of Tirana. Its highest peak is at 1,613m.

During winter, the mountain is often covered with snow, and it is a popular retreat to the local population of Tirana that rarely sees snow falls. Its slopes have forests of pines, oak and beech. Dajti Mountain was declared a National Park in 1966, and has since 2006 an expanded area of about 29,384ha and is considered the 'Natural Balcony of Tirana'.

Once you have finished the exploration of the mountain, you will have some free time before being transferred back through the same way to Tirana for the end of the journey.\n

Meeting/pick-up point: Hotel Rogner, Tirana.
End point: Bulevardi Dëshmorët e Kombit, Tiranë.
Duration: 5 hours.
Start/opening time: At 8am.
End/closing time: At 1:15pm.
Languages:English, French and Italian.
Others: Level of activity: easy. Transportation, local guide service, operational assistance and entrance fees included. Transportation: 1/4pax + tour director (driver) + minivan 6+1seats; 5 - 10 pax + tour director + driver + minibus 16+1+1 seats; 11/49pax + tour director + driver + coach 49+1+1 seats. Operative: all year around. Toilet facilities: public toilets + Blue eye spot Toilets. Participation: minimum 1, maximum unlimited.\n


La ciudad europea de moda - Tirana (Albania)
La ciudad europea de moda - Tirana (Albania)